Almond cinnamon tart or badam milk mousse with almond biscuit? Pick your dessert

Almond cinnamon tart or badam milk mousse with almond biscuit? Pick your dessert

we’re quite sure we’ve in no way met a hassle that a dessert couldn’t restoration and because the excellent matters in life are sweet, we are beginning the paintings week with a scrumptious recipe of Almond cinnamon tart and every other of badam milk mousse with an almond biscuit. they say “desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen – a fortuitously-ever-after” and that’s exactly how we wish to disregard our Monday blues by way of binging on some almond cakes.

today, we are spoilt for preference as we get to choose wholesome recipes among almond cinnamon tart and badam milk mousse with almond biscuit and we think we are going beforehand with both. Don’t improve your eyebrow at us, a balanced weight loss plan is a dessert in each hand hence, test out those recipes below and thank us later.

Almond cinnamon tart(Chef Manish Mehrotra)

Ingredients for the almond cinnamon tart:

almond flake 1 cup

Monaco biscuit one hundred fifty gm

cinnamon powder 2 gm

first-rate sugar 2 hundred gm

fresh cream 200 ml

unsalted butter 60 gm


Roast the almond flake in preheated oven at one hundred eighty degrees celsius for 4 mins or till golden in coloration. For the toffee sauce, caramelize sugar, upload forty gms of butter accompanied by using cream, and thoroughly mix it.

For Monaco disintegrate, overwhelm biscuits and mix 20 gm of butter with it. unfold this aggregate in a 6-inch mold and bake at 160 degrees Celsius for 10 min. In a bowl mix, roasted almond slivers and toffee sauce and pour this mix over biscuit fall apart inside the mold.

Bake the mixture set in mold in a preheated oven at a hundred and eighty degrees Celsius for 15 min. Serve once carried out and demould the tart. Serve with vanilla bean ice cream.

Badam milk mousse with almond biscuit(Chef Manish Mehrotra)

Badam milk mousse with an almond biscuit(Chef Manish Mehrotra)

Elements for Badam milk mousse with an almond biscuit:

almond flakes forty-five gms

almond milk one hundred fifty ml

white chocolate 425 gm

bakery cream four hundred ml

egg yolk 5 no

nice sugar 50 gm

saffron ½ gm

inexperienced cardamom powder ½ tsp

Ingredients for biscotti:

unsalted butter 75 gms

castor sugar 100 gms

egg 1 no

refined flour a hundred and fifty gm

baking soda 1 gm

baking powder three gm

almond with skin 50 gm

almond powder 25 gm

zest of lemon 1 no

Technique for badam milk mousse:

Roast almonds flakes in preheated oven at one hundred eighty diploma Celsius for four mins or till golden in color. warmth almond milk. add white chocolate and make the ganache. upload saffron threads and green cardamom powder, blend it thoroughly.

Whisk yolks and sugar until creamy consistency. Beat bakery cream to ribbon consistency. Fold the ganache in overwhelmed yolk and then fold the overwhelmed cream into it. Pour the mousse in a cup and relax, till it sets. Garnish mousse with slivers of almonds and almond biscotti.

Approach for biscotti:

kind of chop almonds with pores and skin. gently cream butter and sugar in a mixing bowl. upload egg to the bowl and again cream it. upload delicate flour, baking soda, baking powder, lemon zest, and almond powder to it aggregate and mix it thoroughly.

Fold in roughly chopped almonds. form the combination like a french loaf and bake it at a hundred and eighty celsius for 20 minutes. Cool the loaf, reduce it into thin slices and bake it at 150 celsius for eight to 10 mins or till crisp.


filled with wholesome fats, fiber, protein, magnesium, and vitamin E, almonds no longer handiest reduce starvation and sell weight loss but also lower blood sugar stages and cholesterol levels alongside decreasing blood strain. in keeping with an observation posted within the American magazine of clinical vitamins, consuming almonds in the vicinity of traditional snacks might also reduce the drop in heart price variability (HRV) that happens for the duration of mental pressure, thereby enhancing cardiac features.


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