Do you know the benefits of betel leaves? If not, you will be shocked to read this news

Do you know the benefits of betel leaves?  If not, you will be shocked to read this news

consuming pan is a hobby of many people. at the equal time, it is considered auspicious in the Hindu family and presented to God. however, have you ever heard the benefits of health from betel leaves? if you do not listen, we inform …

1. Headache hurts
intake of betel leaves presents remedy in headaches. it’s far said that to reduce the pain, you should take a few betel leaves and tie them on a few heads after placing it in fabric. It gives relief to ache.

2. Heals wounds too quick
Betel leaves are also powerful to cure harm. simply depart the betel leaf tied with material and leave it on the place of the wound. this can heal wounds fast.

3. cast off cough
if you are troubled by way of dry cough and need to therapy it soon, then betel leaf can assist. For this, simply grind the leaves, extract their juice and eat it after adding honey. you will get comfort in cough.

4. children have to assist even though they have got a chilly
Paan is used to remedy children’s colds. For this, heat a few leaves of betel leaf and location it on the kid’s chest with castor oil. iciness can be cured.

five. Get rest in bloodless and cold
a cold can be cured with betel leaves. For this, separate the stalks from the betel leaves. Now rub those stalks on the stone and mix it with a few kinds of honey and devour it. you may get alleviation in phlegm too.

6. Breast swelling meets comfort
in many instances, the brand new mom has the trouble of breast swelling. In this sort of situation, she could now not be capable of delivering milk to the child. To do away with this swelling, heat the leaves of the betel leaf gently and tie them at the breast. this can give comfort in swelling.

Disclaimer: This article has been written based on general information. Before taking anything or adopting any home remedy, please consult your doctors or experts related to the field.


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