Health Tips: Do not eat eggs everyday on Sunday or Monday, or else the body may be harmed!

Health Tips: Do not eat eggs everyday on Sunday or Monday, or else the body may be harmed!

We all have been hearing since childhood that eating egg is beneficial for health. There is also a saying for this, “Sunday or Monday, eat eggs everyday.” But do you know that side effects of Eating Eggs Daily can also be harmful? Yes! If you consume it excessively, it can harm your health. You may have many problems. So today we are going to tell you about the damage caused by eggs in this article. So let’s know ….

Daily egg eating
1. Stomach damage
If you also eat more eggs or eat raw eggs in order to stay healthy, it can cause vomiting, stomach problems. In this way it can harm your body.

2. Body swelling
Consuming eggs in large quantities can cause problems like swelling and discomfort in the body parts. So get advice from your dietician or expert about the right amount of eggs.

3. Diabetes
Excessive egg consumption is very harmful for people who have diabetes. Especially the yellow part of the egg should never be eaten by such people. This can aggravate the problem.

4. Heart attack
Eating too many eggs can also cause you heart problems. Those who already have heart disease should not eat the yellow part of the egg. Because it contains high amount of cholesterol. Which is harmful for high blood pressure and heart.

5. May increase weight
Eggs contain a lot of calories. According to a research, eating just three eggs can cause weight gain of up to 1 pound in three weeks. Weight gain gives rise to many diseases. So if you are healthy, then consume eggs in limited quantity.

Eat 2 eggs a day
Many researchers have claimed in their research that excessive use of eggs can make you sick. Therefore, a healthy person should not use more than two eggs in a day. Apart from this, you can also take advice from an expert on how many eggs you can eat in a day.

Disclaimer: This article is based on general information. If you are suffering from any disease, then please consult a doctor before adopting a home remedy.


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