If you want to get rid of dry cough, then start these home remedies from today, you will get relief soon

    If you want to get rid of dry cough, then start these home remedies from today, you will get relief soon

    New Delhi: Dry cough is common in the changing season. But now-a-days it is also getting frightened because dry cough is also one of the many symptoms of Corona epidemic. In such a situation, if we take the help of home remedies, then we can get rid of it. Let us tell you what measures you can use.

    Ginger benefits
    It is said that ginger helps a lot in reducing cough. That’s why people like to drink ginger tea. Also, if you drink ginger tea with honey, it benefits a lot. But remember, too much tea can cause stomach upset.

    Honey does benefit
    Consumption of honey at the time of cough is a panacea. Its antioxidant elements help in fighting cough. Apart from this, the sore throat is also reduced. Therefore honey mixed with herbal tea or lemonade should be drunk once or twice a day.

    Pipermant makes an advantage
    Pipement is also beneficial in dry cough as its menthol compound gives relief to the throat. Also, it helps in reducing throat irritation and pain. Two to three times a day, the problem of cough starts by consuming the piperment.

    Gargle with salt water
    The cure for dry cough is to dissolve it by dissolving salt in warm water. It ends throat itching. Also, the phlegm stored in the langs starts decreasing. Gargling with salt water also provides relief in tonsils around the throat.

    Eucalyptus oil also benefits
    It has been found that eucalyptus oil cleans the windpipe. For this, add a few drops of eucalyptus to coconut or olive oil and massage it on the chest. Apart from this, if you want to take steam, then mix drops of Eucalyptus oil in a bowl of hot water and steam it. This will make the chest lighter and easier to breathe.

    Disclaimer: This article has been written based on general information. Do consult doctors or experts before adopting any home remedy.


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