Make Mother’s Day special by cooking Gluten-Free Pancakes for your mom: Recipe

Make Mother’s Day special by cooking Gluten-Free Pancakes for your mom: Recipe
  • it’s time to move for your kitchen and whip up these gluten-free pancakes for your mother to start her mother’s Day birthday party on a candy notice.

    mother’s Day is proper around the nook and it is time to provide you with ways to make your mother’s day special. With all this is happening around us in the intervening time, it isn’t feasible to go out and have a good time, so you will get ingenious and consider approaches you can enjoy at domestic.

    We suppose the fine manner to begin the day is by bringing the sweetest character to your life a sweet breakfast in a mattress. so that you need to head in your kitchen and prepare your mom’s preferred dishes. We idea beginning the day with healthy pancakes might be an extremely good concept. do not you settle?

    but these aren’t your everyday pancakes, there may be a twist to them and if your mother loves tea, she goes to savour those too. fear no longer, it is not a hard recipe and you may not make a multitude of factors. allow’s no longer waste any greater time and get cooking.

    Gluten-loose Pancakes:


    1 medium egg

    half tsp baking powder

    half of tsp salt

    60g gluten-unfastened flour (you can additionally use oat flour – absolutely combined up oats)

    3 tbsp thick yoghurt

    2 tbsp melted butter (allowed to cool barely) or olive oil, plus more for cooking

    1 tsp chai powder (you may additionally use a mix of 1/2 tsp cinnamon powder and half tsp ground nutmeg)


    add flour, baking powder and salt into a huge bowl. In a separate bowl or jug, lightly whisk collectively the yoghurt and egg, then whisk in the melted butter. integrate the yoghurt aggregate and flour aggregate and beat them till you have got an easy batter.

    warmth a non-stick frying pan over medium flame and add a knob of butter or oil of choice. whilst it is melted, upload a small ladle of batter. it’s going to seem very thick however this is the way it needs to be. Wait until the pinnacle of the pancake starts to bubble, then turn it over and cook till both sides are golden brown and the pancake has risen to approximately 1cm or 1/2inch thick.

    Repeat till all of the batters is used up!

    Serve with lashings of strawberry yoghurt, maple syrup or extra butter! This simple recipe continually gives extraordinary effects and it’ll also start your mom’s Day celebrations on a candy note.


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