Not just bitter gourd, its seeds, roots and leaves are also miraculous for health, use this way

Not just bitter gourd, its seeds, roots and leaves are also miraculous for health, use this way

The bitter the bitter gourd feels, its properties benefit the body as much. But not only the bitter gourd vegetables or juice, but its seeds, bitter gourd leaves and roots are also panacea for health. Let’s know how to use and how to use them.

Get rid of stomach worms
If you or your child has insects in the stomach, take 2-3 grams bitter gourd seeds and grind them and consume them. This causes stomach worms to end. But if seeds are not found then drinking 10-12 mg juice of bitter gourd leaves can also be beneficial.

Avoid a cold or phlegm like this
If you are having a cold or are suffering from phlegm, then grind 5 grams of bitter gourd root and mix it and eat it in the city. Juice of basil leaves can also be consumed in place of honey.

How to remove swelling in the throat
If there is swelling in your throat then grind dry bitter gourd to remove it. After this, mix it in vinegar and heat it slightly. Applying this paste on the throat will relieve swelling.

Get a sore throat right
If ever you have screamed more or for some other reason your throat has sat down, then grind the root of 5 grams bitter gourd. After this, mix honey or basil juice and consume it.

There is also benefit during periods
Bitter gourd can also prove to be beneficial in periods. For this, take out the juice of 10-15 bitter gourd leaves and grind black peppercorns and mix. Also, drinking half a teaspoon powder of peepal powder and one gram dry ginger will give you relief in pain and will also be beneficial.

Relaxation is also found in viral fever
If you or someone has a viral fever, consuming bitter gourd juice can help. Just mix cumin powder in it.

Also get relief from ringworm
If you are suffering from ringworm, then grind the bitter gourd leaves and extract its juice. Applying it on the ringworm area is beneficial.

Disclaimer: This article has been written based on general information. Do consult doctors or experts before adopting any home remedy.



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