Recipe: Surprise your mom this Mother’s Day with this Roomali Roti Turnip Tart

Recipe: Surprise your mom this Mother’s Day with this Roomali Roti Turnip Tart
  • This mother’s Day, supply your mom with a few relaxations and cook dinner up this specific vegetarian recipe for Roomali roti and Turnip tart on the way to sincerely get you greater points along with your mother who will be blown away by your culinary abilities.

    With mom’s Day simply around the corner, lots of us are scrambling to determine the way to make the day special for our adoring moms. And at the same time, as one might not be capable of doing the same old things for our moms due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will constantly relieve them from kitchen obligations and allow them to have a day of rest as we treat them to scrumptious food. here is a completely unique vegetarian recipe for Roomali roti and Turnip tart to be able to virtually get you more factors along with your mom, who will be blown away by your culinary competencies. check it out:


    For roomali roti tart

    a hundred and eighty gm all-purpose flour

    one hundred twenty gm complete-wheat flour

    50 gm uncooked banana

    25 gm whisked egg

    25 ml milk

    5 gm sugar

    2.five gm salt

    a hundred and fifty ml water

    10 ml oil

    For turnip kebab

    250 gm turnip

    50 gm cut up chickpea lentils

    50 gm chopped onion

    25 gm fried onion

    15 gm chopped ginger

    20 gm chopped garlic

    10 gm chopped green chili

    25 gm coriander root

    100 gm clarified butter

    5 gm black cumin seeds

    2.5 gm turmeric powder

    five gm purple chili powder

    2.five gm yellow chili powder

    Salt to taste

    Spice bag for turnip kebab

    5 gm cinnamon

    2 bay leaf

    2 gm mace

    2 gm green cardamom

    2 gm clove

    2 gm black pepper

    2 gm black cardamom

    ½ nutmeg

    2 gm dry rose petals

    For garnish

    1 medium-size turnip

    Nasturtium leafs

    French marigold

    Cumin flavored cream cheese


    For roomali roti tart

    For tart add all the substances in a planetary mixer to make a soft dough. rest the dough for 1/2 n hour. Divide the dough into a hundred and twenty gm portions and flatten it with a rolling pin first after which make it even with arms. cook the skinny bread on inverted Tawa or wok. while cooking maintains folding it from all aspects to save you it from drying. reduce roti with a round cutter and modify it in the small tartlet mold. hold pressing the mold on the pinnacle of every other for better form.

    Bake the cakes at 160 diploma Celsius for half-hour.

    For turnip kebab

    Take ghee in a thick backside pan, mood black cumin seeds, and upload the rest of the substances for the kebab. Make a bag of spices with a muslin cloth. upload the spice bag in turnip kebab combination with beneficiant amount of water. cover the pan and cook the combination on sluggish warmth till all the water evaporates. get rid of the spice bag and funky the mixture. Make small patties of kebab and sear it with ghee.

    For plating

    technique the turnip with a vegetable sheeter. Roll it and cut it skinny. Blow torch the turnip until barely burnt. add turnip kebab in crispy tart shells. upload cumin flavored cream cheese with burnt turnip pinwheel. Garnish with a nasturtium leaf and French marigold.



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